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Lighting Solutions For Clinical Facilities

The lighting you choose matters.

Getting the lighting in your medical or dental office right can be a tough job – but today, it’s more important than ever.

Environment, including lighting, can play a large role in both patient safety and satisfaction. It should allow care providers to effectively examine and treat patients and still help patients feel comfortable and at ease, instead of isolated or agitated. And because patient satisfaction scores can directly affect reimbursement, medical offices and hospitals like yours stand to gain from investing in effective lighting design.

At the Light Bulb Co., we offer a wide variety of products to help you strike the balance between function and form. We’re committed to helping you illuminate the areas most important for providing patient care.



We stock a wide variety of interior and exterior lighting solutions for doctor offices, hospitals, labs, and more. Choose from a large selection of products including LED, CFL, and fluorescent lamps.



Contact us today to learn about the lighting solutions we offer for dental offices — from overhead and exterior lighting, to more decorative options for waiting rooms and offices.

Save With LEDs

From lighting for hallways and exam rooms, to waiting rooms and offices, LED lamps come in a variety of shapes and color temperatures to fit any application. Lasting up to 20,000 hours and more energy-efficient than incandescent or fluorescent lamps, LEDs are low-maintenance and cost-effective — a great choice for medical facilities of all sizes. 

Plus, you can save up to 70% on new LED lamps when you upgrade. 

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“We have been very happy with our LED retrofit, the lighting is great, the install easy AND we're saving $9,000 per year in energy savings. Ben & the Light Bulb Co. did a great job handling logistics and providing solutions. All it took was a simple lighting inventory, then product selection, easy install then start saving.”
— Brent, Facilities Manager

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