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Comprehensive lighting solutions from one local business to another.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from more than 50 years as a local business, it’s that there are few things more valuable than a trusted partner. That’s why we go above and beyond with every lighting project we take on.

When you work with the Light Bulb Co., you won’t just get access to our full selection of lamps and fixtures — you also get a dedicated team of lighting experts to consult and help find the best lamps for the job, working with you through the toughest parts of your project.

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Lighting can affect everything from workplace productivity to employee health. We’re committed to helping you work better, which is why we stock a full range of products to meet any need. Plus, our wide selection means you can be creative  with lighting for large office spaces and warehouses.



Put your brand and products in the right light — literally. Lighting is an important feature in a storefront: it can set the mood, highlight products, and help customers explore your products' finer details. At the Light Bulb Co., we’ll help you choose energy-efficient, high-quality lamps to light your storefront.



Restaurants have long hours and managers demand high-quality, long life lamps. We stock a selection of energy-efficient options that don’t sacrifice light output, plus a variety of lamps to fit whatever aesthetic you



We work with a number of area churches to find lighting suited for their needs. Our shelves are stocked with even the hardest-to-find, high wattage floods and incandescent lamps.

Save with LEDs

From tube lights to panels and more, LED lamps come in a variety of shapes and color temperatures to fit any application. Lasting up to 20,000 hours and more energy-efficient than incandescent or fluorescent lamps, LEDs are low-maintenance and cost-effective — a great choice for businesses of all sizes.

Plus, you can save up to 70% on new LED lamps when you upgrade.

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“If only every company had customer service like the Light Bulb Company! These guys are great. If your business or church or school is considering an LED conversion, definitely give these people a call.”
– Seth, Light Bulb Co. Customer


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